Managing last-mile logistics in construction is easier with Alrik

Managing last-mile logistics in construction is easier with Alrik

Last-mile delivery is one of the most important parts of the construction supply chain. But what does it mean and what role does logistics play in this game?

Last Mile Delivery

In construction, last-mile logistics refers to the final stage of delivering building materials from a supplier or distribution center directly to the construction site.

The last mile - that final, crucial stretch of a delivery journey, can be a pain point in construction logistics. Delays can disrupt entire projects, impacting budgets and timelines. On top of that, many businesses struggle with legacy systems and outdated manual processes. This means tracking deliveries becomes a nightmare once the cargo has been picked up from the distributor, contributing to inefficiencies, poor customer experiences and a large carbon footprint.

How Alrik Simplifies Last Mile Logistics

At Alrik we understand this challenge, which is why we’ve built a solution designed to empower distributors in the construction industry. Managing last mile logistics has never been easier!

With Alrik you can track the deliveries in real-time, ETAs and updates from the drivers. The biggest win is that you can truly utilize the fleet to maximum leading to big savings, both financially and for the planet. Efficiency really is the key to make last mile operations smooth, which is why our easy-to-use software is a must have tool!

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