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Product overview

For Sales & Logistics Teams

Manage your workflows

Stop wasting time on phone calls and paper notes to manage your day. With Alrik you get an overview of your workflows and become the superior supplier to your customers.

  • Get started instantly
  • Less admin & increased sales
  • Manage logistics, orders and more in one place
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For Sales & Logistics Teams

Leverage Alrik’s technology and automations

Empower your logistics with world class tools that your teams will love. Enjoy full visibility of your in-house and outsourced fleet in one place and optimize the profit of your transports.

  • Route optimization
  • Lowering cost and capital requirements
  • Emissions control
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For Sales & Logistics Teams and your  customers

Stay updated in real-time with the status of your transports

Never pick up the phone again asking where your goods are. With Alrik, you and your customers are updated in real-time with the status of the transport and estimated time of arrival.

  • Automated tracking notifications for all stakeholders
  • Overview of all incoming, active and completed transports
  • Centralize & plan all transport communications in one place
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Built for people in construction

For Sales Teams

Offer your customers better logistics solutions to increase sales. Get an overview of all your workflows and collaborate with colleagues and customers - in one workspace.

For Logistics Teams

When you are planning on getting out hundreds of transports to construction sites, you need a multidimensional view of all the locations the goods are going to. Alrik lets you manage both your in-house and outsourced fleet in one place with ease.

For Construction Companies

With Alrik, construction companies can manage and monitor all their incoming transports from their suppliers and get more efficient construction sites.

Beijer Häggvik’s sales team has been able to save time from administrative logistics burden and can instead focus on sales and their customers.

  • Jonathan Roth,
    Sales Leader,
    Beijer Byggmaterial
less time spent on managing logistics
less time spent on managing logistics
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Read full case
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Turn your logistics into a competitive advantage

Turn logistics from a cost center into a profit center

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Transportation & Emissions

Operational Excellence


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Excellent logistics offerings to your customers

When leveraging Alriks technology as a building material supplier you instantly offer your customers a better service than your competitors.

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Become a green business

We believe in a future with no half-empty trucks in the construction industry. With Alrik, you can manage both your in-house and outsourced transports that allow you to optimize routes and make emissions-driven decisions.

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Make your employees into champions

With Alrik, your employees enjoy work more because they spend less time on administration and more time on adding value to your business.

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This is what you get

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Increased sales

Sales teams use Alrik to exceed targets without compromising their organisations' logistics capacity.

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Emissions reporting

Alrik's technology lets you make emissions-driven decisions. Reach your emissions target and increase transparency to your stakeholders.

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Excellent customer experience from day one

Your customers get the users experience they deserve and your colleagues and partners get the information they need in real time.

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Manage your in-house and outsourced fleet supply. With Alrik, you get a dynamic fleet structure that can handle fluctuations in demand - a game changer for your logistics offerings.

Building the connection between suppliers and builders in construction

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Heading here

Break down silos in the construction industry. Encourage transparency and collaboration. Be at the forefront of changing the construction industry for the better. Alrik is your companion to save time and centralize all flows between construction project stakeholders so that everyone is in the loop in real-time.

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