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Alrik Intro Deck
Alrik Intro Deck
How distributors can become sustainability leaders
How distributors can become sustainability leaders

Distributors in the construction industry can achieve greater transparency and eco-friendliness by one simple solution. Find out how in this article.

Managing last-mile logistics in construction is easier with Alrik

Last-mile delivery; the final stage of delivering building materials from a supplier or distribution center directly to the construction site. Find out why it's important and what you can do to simplify your last-mile logistics.

Why are same-day deliveries valuable?

Exception management; one of the most crucial parts of the supply chain. Find out how Alrik can help you manage exceptions, unplanned and urgent deliveries the same day.

Transportation Data: Key to Climate-Conscious Construction

For many builders a common challenge in the industry is delivering the construction materials efficiently from exhibit A to exhibit B. Keeping sustainability regulations in mind, such as the climate declaration (A4), the importance of logistics in the transportation process becomes even more crucial.

What are the biggest challenges in the construction industry today?

Petter Haglund, PhD student in construction and logistics from Linköpings University, was at our office in Stockholm to give us a lecture about challenges in the construction industry.

Alrik in the news

We've collected some of the news about Alrik from last week. You can read about our vision for the construction industry, why our customers use Alrik and exclusive interviews with our founders.

Maximizing Productivity and Cost Savings with Alrik

How does Alrik optimize your productivity while also minimizing costs? At Alrik we are proud to say - we create real value for our customers.

How Alrik Solves Integrations From All ERP’s With AI

Suppliers, carriers, builders and developers all share the same problem: The ability to easily share data between stakeholders, not seldom from incumbent software tools, white boards, hand written notes or emails.

Fleet on Demand

What is “Fleet on Demand” and how can it help your business to reduce logistics costs, while making your customers more happy?

A Greener Future with Alrik

For a greater and greener future most companies have to keep the environment in mind. With Alrik your emissions per delivery will be reduced by 15%.

Why I’m driving for Alrik

In the world of construction logistics, efficiency and professionalism are paramount. We had the opportunity to speak with Per, a driver in Alrik's ecosystem, to gain insights into the unique benefits of Alrik’s marketplace.

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