Maximizing Productivity and Cost Savings with Alrik

Maximizing Productivity and Cost Savings with Alrik

How does Alrik optimize your productivity while also minimizing costs? At Alrik we are proud to say - we create real value for our customers.

The first chart shows that our customers on average improved their output by 22% after just a few weeks of using Alrik. How is this possible?

  1. By giving real time digital updates to senders and recipients you improve the transparency in the delivery process and keep everyone informed about the delivery.
  2. Easier and better route optimization and planning, which results in reduced emissions and fuel costs, minimizes delivery time and an increase in overall productivity by ensuring timely deliveries.
  3. Digital contact between drivers, salespeople and logistics planners. Improves coordination and communication between all parties involved. It also enables quick adjustments to delivery schedules.

A case study of a customer who started using Alrik four months ago shows a big improvement in their efficiency, which gave the customer an opportunity to reduce their fleet while making the same number of deliveries. The bar chart below shows their logistics costs have reduced with 27%.

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