Why are same-day deliveries valuable?

Why are same-day deliveries valuable?

Damaged or missing items, packages shipped to the wrong address and delays caused by traffic jams or bad weather conditions, are only a few examples of problems that can arise during deliveries. On top of that, finding last minute solutions to same-day deliveries often becomes a big headache and can negatively impact customer satisfaction if not managed properly.

Exception management

Exception management also called “management by exception” refers to the process of identifying, analyzing and resolving anomalies that can happen during the transport process. One of the most essential parts of the supply chain is exception management, and the ability to manage unplanned and urgent deliveries the same day is therefore important.

With Alrik, distributors can react swiftly and efficiently to unforeseen situations that fall outside their standard operations. Same-day delivery empowers companies to respond quickly to any disruptions that can occur, which is essential considering the ever-changing construction environment. Live tracking deliveries, proof of delivery photos and real-time updates from the drivers enables quick communication and transparency throughout the whole delivery process.

Exception management becomes a lot easier with our easy-to-use software, enabling Alrik users to identify errors EARLY and solve them QUICKLY!

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