A Greener Future with Alrik

A Greener Future with Alrik

For a greater and greener future most companies have to keep the environment in mind. With Alrik your emissions per delivery will be reduced by 15%. The imperative for companies to actively contribute towards a greener future extends beyond mere corporate social responsibility; it is becoming a fundamental element of sound business strategy. This article explores the importance of businesses working towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

We believe in a future with no half-empty trucks in the construction industry. Alrik enables you to make emission-driven decisions when managing both your in-house and outsourced transports. Get full insight to your CO2 emissions data through Alrik's workspace.

Turbulent times

A recent report from the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) underscores the critical need for sustained investments in energy efficiency. It’s even more important to lower your costs, which is enabled with Alrik. The key is to increase your output or your truck by 20% and optimize your fleet.

Automatic environmental reporting

Alrik introduces the convenience of automatic environmental reporting, allowing you to effortlessly track and analyze your environmental performance. With Alrik's automated reporting features, you gain real-time insights into your eco-footprint from your logistics operations.

Create a new order and write the address for pick-up and drop-off location, also select the approximate weight for the delivery and a rough number for the weight of the heaviest package . When the driver has delivered the goods you receive information in our platform about how much CO2 emission the driver has produced.

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