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View your deliveries directly in the Alrik app. Whether you're a driver, carrier, or truck center, you'll receive well-paid deliveries from early morning to later in the afternoon - deliver on your own terms.

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Access all your deliveries digitally in our app instead of having written documents or phone bookings

More freedom in your daily life - choose which deliveries you want

Receive automated reports of your emissions data

Get paid on your terms with modern and fast invoicing

What do our drivers have to say?

Axel L.

"Since I started driving for Alrik, my work has become less stressful and more organized. Alrik is dedicated and plans the day with route optimization. It's easy to track drives in the app, and I believe Alrik will positively impact the construction industry."

Per P.

"Working for Alrik is smooth and professional, with excellent support and a user-friendly app. You become more flexible and have more free time. The industry is pleasant with many new faces. My advice to potential drivers: start driving for Alrik!"

Abdalrahman S.

"Alrik has not only been an amazing employer but also a catalyst for realizing my dream of starting my own business. It's smooth, everything is in order, and I love meeting new people. Alrik has changed my work and personal life for the better."

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