Fleet on Demand

Fleet on Demand

What is “Fleet on Demand” and how can it help your business to reduce logistics costs, while making your customers more happy?

One feature of using Alrik is our “Fleet on Demand” service. It’s used by sales and logistics professionals at building material suppliers, tool rental companies  and large construction sites.

With Alriks Fleet on Demand, users get access to a wide array of delivery options for transporting heavy duty goods like drywalling, steel, pallets, and everything else that is important to construction projects. Users can choose vehicle type, schedule the delivery, edit important information like what type of crane is needed or critical offload information about the mission, all while end customers get track and trace links, proof of delivery, ETA’s and emissions data. Most importantly, Alriks pricing algorithm makes it possible for users to find out the cost BEFORE they book the shipment. This way, suppliers can control their logistics costs, compare different delivery options, and price the delivery as part of their customer offering.

If you have an internal Fleet for shipping goods to your customers. Alrik users can compare the cost of shipping internally with using Alriks Fleet on Demand for the same delivery. This is the ultimate way to always make sure you are as cost effective as possible, not to forget how your customers will track everything digitally and see their construction sites become more productive. If you have any questions about Alriks Fleet on Demand for your company, get in touch.

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