How Alrik Solves Integrations From All ERP’s With AI

How Alrik Solves Integrations From All ERP’s With AI

Suppliers, carriers, builders and developers all share the same problem: The ability to easily share data between stakeholders, not seldom from incumbent software tools, white boards, hand written notes or emails. Many time consuming and unnecessary steps result in long hours in administration and fragmented information. There is also an increased risk of incorrect information being acted upon. And the knowledge or resource to properly share data from your ERP is scarce.

Introducing Alron, Alrik’s AI tool that converts delivery notes into usable data.

Alron reduces administrative tasks by +50%, which leads to your employees enjoying work even more, because they spend less time on administration and more time on adding value to your business. Alron is easy to use: simply upload your delivery note, email, photograph or print screen from your ERP system, into Alrik, and Alron will read the information so that you can share it with your Sales and Logistics Teams, Carriers, Drivers and Customers.

With Alron everyone has the opportunity to share information to both colleagues and customers in a fast, secure and correct manner.

Here’s our Founder and CPO Axel Enblad talking about the feature on Linkedin. Click Here!

Here’s a simple video!

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