Transportation Data: Key to Climate-Conscious Construction

Transportation Data: Key to Climate-Conscious Construction

For many builders a common challenge in the industry is delivering the construction materials efficiently from exhibit A to exhibit B. Keeping sustainability regulations in mind, such as the climate declaration (A4), the importance of logistics in the transportation process becomes even more crucial.

Boverket's Guidelines

Boverket's climate declaration guidelines ensure transparency by requiring specific transportation data, including distances traveled (km), vehicle types used, and fuel types employed.

The mission:

  • Raise awareness of the climate impact of transporting construction products.
  • Prompt the construction industry to take action to reduce this impact.
  • With increased knowledge, builders or contractors can choose to purchase from a supplier who is geographically closer or to demand reduced emissions through the use of a different type of fuel or mode of transport.

Distributors that use Alrik comply with the guidelines in Boverket’s climate declaration (A4). We equip our users with the right tools and data, by giving access to emissions data that’s easily shareable.

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