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For Sales & Logistics Teams

Manage your workflows

Stop wasting time on phone calls and paper notes to manage your day. With Alrik you get an overview of your workflows and become the superior supplier to your customers.

  • Get started instantly
  • Less admin & increased sales
  • Manage logistics, orders and more in one place
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For Sales & Logistics Teams

Leverage Alrik’s technology and automations

Empower your logistics with world class tools that your teams will love. Enjoy full visibility of your in-house and outsourced fleet in one place and optimize the profit of your transports.

  • Route optimization
  • Lowering cost and capital requirements
  • Emissions control
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For Sales & Logistics Teams and your  customers

Stay updated in real-time with the status of your transports

Never pick up the phone again asking where your goods are. With Alrik, you and your customers are updated in real-time with the status of the transport and estimated time of arrival.

  • Automated tracking notifications for all stakeholders
  • Overview of all incoming, active and completed transports
  • Centralize & plan all transport communications in one place
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Precision and trust

At Alrik, we highly value precision in our technology. We know how important it is for you and your customers to get the information in time to plan operations accordingly and avoid project delays.

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No more fragmented phone based logistics

We also know how frustrating it can be to manage 100+ transportation companies for different kinds of orders, to then also remembering which order that is with which transportation company and thus get the status for each. Not knowing the exact price of the transportation. Headache. Let Alrik instead be your companion to centralize all of this information in one place and book with dynamic pricing so that you always get the price before you book.

Simplify your workday

Focus on what matters: sell building materials and minimize administration. Trust Alrik on keeping your customers informed with critical transport data.

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Are you ready to revolutionize the construction industry?

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Alrik’s technology has powered my sales team to sell more, save time from administration, deliver an enhanced experience for our customers.

  • Jonathan Roth,
    Sales Leader,
    Beijer Byggmaterial
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