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Product overview

Optimize your fleet

Get full visibility of your internal and outsourced fleet in one place and optimize the output. Update routes, time slots and drivers, and ship more with less.

  • Manage your fleet in real time
  • Proof of delivery, customer ETA and more
  • User friendly Driver app included
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Your external shipment needs

Use Alrik's "Fleet on Demand" Carrier Network to ship goods to your customers instantly. Get access to the vehicles and carriers you need, whenever you need them.

  • Book Express or Scheduled shipments with your own time and urgency settings
  • Save time and money with upfront dynamic pricing
  • Digital customer experience - with your company brand
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Cost and emission insights

Access the data you need to improve your business and share it with your customers - they will need it.

  • Measure emissions by vehicle, customer, project and more
  • Cost overview - what do you actually pay for your fleet?
  • Centralize & plan your shipments in one place
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Performance & Emissions

With Alrik, you enjoy full visibility of your in-house and outsourced fleet in one place, lowering your transportation costs whilst providing necessary data to your stakeholders. In real-time.

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Precision and trust

At Alrik, we highly value precision in our technology. We know how important it is for you and your customers to get the information in time to plan operations accordingly and avoid project delays.

Simplify your workday

Focus on what matters and stop spending time on administrative burdens. Let Alrik deliver the experience needed to keep your customers, colleagues and partners aligned.

Storage space

Do you want to take control of your logistics?

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The client has the word

"Alrik’s technology has powered my sales team to sell more, save time from administration, deliver an enhanced experience for our customers."

  • Jonathan Roth,
    Sales Leader,
    Beijer Byggmaterial
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